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Interested in submitting to this journal? We recommend that you review the About the Journal page for the journal's section policies, as well as the Author Guidelines. Authors need to register with the journal prior to submitting or, if already registered, can simply log in and begin the five-step process.

The Catholic Science & Life (csl) will publish papers in both Vietnamese and English. However, those papers in Vietnamese must include an abstract in English.

The Catholic Science & Life (csl) employs double-blind peer review processes to evaluate the submitted papers to ensure the quality of the Journal. All papers submitted to the journal need to be separated into two files, one without the authors' name, and the other with the authors'. Only papers without authors will be sent to peer reviewers to undergo the reviewing process.

The Catholic Science & Life (csl) uses the IEEE styles for citations and references. The authors can need helps from Google Scholar or Mendeley Software to employ the appropriate citations and references. Following is the template for the article to be considered for publication in the Catholic Science & Life (csl) .

Please use the templates below for your paper to submit to the csl.

Template of the CSL

When submitting your manuscript to the csl, please submit two separate files, one with authors' information, and the other without authors to make sure the double-blind review of the Journal.

After receiving the peer reviewers' comments, you are also required to use the Revision Form when you submit your revised version.

The csl uses the Sofware of Turnitin to check for Plagiarism. Authors need to be aware of using appropriate citations and references. Please check the term of Ethics and Malpractice for this issue.

Instructions to write a complete research paper:

How to write the introduction - 1

How to write the introduction - 2

How to write the literature review - 1

How to write the literature review 2

How to write the Methodology - 1

How to write the Methodology - 2

How to present the Results/findings - 1

How to present the Results/findings - 2

Cover Letter

The Catholic Science & Life (csl), Online ISSN [pending], is committed to upholding ethical standards, retracting, and correcting errors. The editorial team's primary responsibility is to discourage publishing malpractice. Any type of unethical conduct is unacceptable, and this Journal's Editorial Team does not tolerate plagiarism in any form. All manuscripts must be the authors' original work and free of indications of plagiarism.

Authors can guarantee that their writings are entirely unique and that any writing or words credited to another are properly referenced. Additionally, publications that had an impact on the nature of the finding reported in the manuscript should be acknowledged. The writers must certify that the manuscript has never been written before.

Cover Letter (Download)

Review Form

The authors can have a close look at the Review Form to see how or what aspects of their papers are reviewed so that they could revise to enhance the quality of their papers.

The Reviewers also use this Review Form as guidelines to provide useful comments to help the authors improve the quality of their research papers.

Please download this form for reviewing the manuscript.

Review Form

For Librarians

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For Readers

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