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Associate Professor Dr. Pham Vu Phi Ho, The Catholic Institute of Vietnam, Vietnam (Orcid) (Scopus), (ResearchID)

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Prof. Dr. Fr. Francis Nguyen Hai Tinh, SJ. professor in Fundamental Theology I: Revelation and Faith, Christology, Theological Synthesis and Comprehensive Examination, Saint Joseph Jesuit Scholasticate (Orcid)

Prof. Dr. Fr. Paul Ngo Dinh Si, Head of the Research Department of The Catholic Institute of Vietnam, Vietnam.

Prof. Fr. Joseph Pham Quoc Van, Director of the Paul Nguyen Van Binh Inter -Religions Congregations Theological Institute, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Prof. Fr. Bui Quang Minh, History of Philosphy, Saint Joseph Jesuit Scholasticate

Prof. Fr. Joseph Tran Thang Hung, O.Carm, Head of the Carmelite Friars, Vietnam

Dr. Fr. Martin Pham Vu Manh Khiet, Church of Saint Gregory the Great, Florida, USD

Professor Dr. Andrew Lian, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand; University of Canberra, Australia (Orcid) (Scopus)

Dr. Ania Lian, Charles Darwin University, Australia (Orcid) (Scopus ID)